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10 Reasons to Attend ACME

Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

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ACME is . . .

  1. Packed with interesting sessions and fun times with your ACME colleagues.

  2. An international conference with a collegial and intimate atmosphere for networking. Share ideas, find co-authors, and build friendships within academia that go beyond the conference.

  3. An educator-, practitioner-, and student-friendly conference.

  4. A great opportunity to present your work and gain valuable feedback.

  5. An opportunity to hone your skills in research and teaching and learn current practices.

  6. An unbeatable value! Registration includes a one-year ACME and FBD membership.

ACME gives you the opportunity to . . .

7. Showcase your work in the ACME Conference Proceedings, as a full paper or extended abstract. The published Proceedings are indexed in Google Scholar.

8. Earn recognition through various research and teaching awards offered by ACME, including FBD Distinguished Paper Award, Best Paper in Track Awards, FBD Outstanding Educator Award, ACME Teaching Innovation Competition, and the Lou E. Pelton Emerging Scholar Award.

9. Join together in recognizing ACME colleagues at the Annual Awards Luncheon and Business Meeting.

10. Enjoy many things the conference city has to offer, together with your family and friends.

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